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Time to Compete is dedicated to bettering the lives of young adults battling cancer and their families. Through support, education, innovative partnerships, and the power of community, we remind them they are not alone.


Each pillar represents a fundamental aspect of Time to Compete’s mission, vision, and its founder’s story. Unity brings people together, Perseverance fuels the strength to continue the fight, and Vulnerability creates an environment of understanding. Together, these three pillars establish the foundation of Time to Compete’s work, ensuring that young adults have the resources and community needed to navigate their journey and battle against cancer.

A baseball team in a victorious pile


Unity signifies the strength and power that comes from the people who surround you in this fight. This pillar represents the idea that no matter what challenge is posed by your diagnosis, it can be better overcome when individuals, families, friends, and communities unite together. Unity is about building a network where you can lean on others when you feel like you can’t go on. Through Unity, Time to Compete aims to create a sense of belonging and reduce the feeling of isolation that comes with late-stage diagnoses.

Gibson looking back


Perseverance is the unwavering resilience needed to face the trials and tribulations of a late-stage cancer diagnosis. This is a crucial pillar of Time to Compete’s vision because it emphasizes the resolve to endure, adapt, and overcome the many challenges of a cancer diagnosis. Time to Compete aims to instill this sense of steadfast determination in young adults who fight day in and day out against this terrible disease.

Gibson in the hospital


 Vulnerability is an often overlooked quality of battling cancer. Young adults who are diagnosed with late-stage cancer experience a wide range of different emotions, fears, and uncertainties that they don’t have the ability to handle on their own. Time to Compete encourages open and honest communication with your community as it is essential for emotional healing and building a support system where people can try to understand what you’re going through.

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